WHIRLWAVE (2012) for piano and chamber orchestra
by Adam Sherkin
1. OPEN MYTHS: The Scratched Plain
2. Moon Machines
3. Statues of Buddha
4. OPEN MYTHS: The Blue Desert
Performed by Adam Sherkin and the New Music Ensemble of the Royal Conservatory under the direction of Brian Current (Conductor)
Filmed at Mazzoelni Concert Hall, The Royal Conservatory in Toronto: April 19th, 2012
Video by A.J. Gray [capabilitygray@gmail.com]; Sound Recording by John Gray
Programme note to WHIRLWAVE:
Inspiration for this piece has originated from the exquisite rock formation in Arizona known as "The Wave." This ancient vermilion terrain has been chiseled by high desert winds for millennia. The result is a captivating ocean of rock ridge that moves, pulses and constantly transforms. Coupling these aspects of topography with the poetry of Allen Ginsberg, I have evolved a piece that reflects upon humanity's relationship to Planet Earth and the prospect of a sustainable future.
- Adam Sherkin (February 2012)

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