Two's company, three's a... nightmare!

IDOM's official entry into the 2013 San Jose 48 Hour Film Project. Winner - Best Acting in a Female Role (Johanna Mattox), Best Acting in a Male Role (Willy Appelman), and Best Direction; Nominated for Best Picture.

Music by brokenkites:

Produced entirely between 7pm on Friday, July 26th and 11pm on Saturday, July 27th 2013 - most of our team was busy Sunday, so our goal was to finish up entirely on Saturday. We actually got a decent night's sleep on Friday - actual time spent working on the film, from concept to completion, was just 18 hours!

Required Elements:

Character: Michael or Marissa Loy, Researcher
Prop: A Barbecue Utensil
Line of Dialogue: "She didn't have to be like that."
Genre: Thriller/Suspense


Shot on a Canon C100 to ProRes via Atmos Ninja 2 (Johanna) and Canon 5DmkII (Willy). Primary lighting on Johanna via F&V R-300 LED ringlight.

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