Many religions have their own notions of what the Afterlife or an existence after death may be, making death less final or daunting. However, as our lives become increasingly defined by technological interventions and scientific validation our increasing faith in technology has led to a decreased belief in organized religion. What then is there for the aggrieved atheist with regard to reassurance or comfort after the loss of a loved one?
With this in mind the Afterlife project offers a technologically mediated service providing a tangible expression of life after death.
The service harnesses the chemical potential of the body that would otherwise be assimilated into the natural eco-system. A modified coffin utilizes the biomass potential of the body, channeling this resource into a microbial-fuel cell housed underneath to charge dry-cell batteries via a capacitor bank.
From a metaphysical perspective the Afterlife project offers tangible proof of life after death. From the perspective of someone faced with their own mortality and for the individual going through the mourning process, utilization of the Afterlife battery in an evocative product offers psychological and emotional benefit.

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