We turn the routes we choose into a routine.

The ‘InSight Eindhoven’ project is an attempt to reawake the interest in the streets and opening people’s eyes to the four dimensions through which they move. We invite the pedestrians to get off their predictable paths and jolt them into a new awareness of the urban landscape: we want to remind, that just around the corner one can experience a different kind of beauty, which can’t be found on a habitual way.

Our philosophy is based on the ideas of Situationists; we see a city as a theatre or a set of ephemeral moments, created by spontaneous interaction of people and urban surrounding.

Eindhoven city, especially in most touristic central parts, doesn’t seem to be such an exciting place. But just a 5 minute walk between the main routes, within the backyards, tiny lanes and side streets may really influence the perception of the city: by noticing small details, we start to look at our life in bigger scale.

Feel free to contribute and share your own discoveries. You may provide the address of the spot, or let it remain your secret; create your own way out of daily routine.


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