We like FilmConvert, but love Missy & Earl!

Besides producing films for clients, we regularly make short films, tutorials and production experimental videos that appear on our Panvista TV page - vimeopro.com/panvistaproductions/panvista-tv

The purpose of this film was to try out some new software in the editing phase. We love creating a film look to our work and have a huge interest in the colour process of digital video. We were lucky enough to get our hands on FilmConvert, a new plugin tool which give's digital camera footage the colour and grain of popular film stocks -filmconvert.com. By using this tool, we were able to generate the popular Fuji 8563 RL film stock to our GH2 footage filmed in the 'nostalgic' preset.

This film has helped us understand what can be done with FilmConvert, and can now be implemented, if needed, in our future work for clients.

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