This was a trailer for the new Showtime show, "Masters of Sex", which premiered at the Television Critics Association (TCA). This is the image version of the spot, which shows iconic sexual images throughout history. The timeline works its way backwards to reveal where it all started: with Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan). I wanted the trailer to be agressive and in-your-face to show the nature of sex in advertising and the media from 1960s to the present. It contrasts the relative quietness of sex in the 50s and the "hush hush" nature of the topic which is depicted in the show.

The challenge for me was to use low-res imagery in a visually interesting way. To keep the trailer interesting, I played around with patterns, agressive type and accented the spot with test patterns which fed into the "not safe for tv" nature of the images.

Design & Animation

Creative Direction: Angie Speranza & Crystal Hall
Producer: Melody Regnier
Art Direction: Tony Castellano

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