This video is a compilation of timelapses, spherical & gigapixel HDR panoramas, and iphone video that I shot over two different nights this month of Mt. Katahdin reflecting in Sunday Pond near Millinocket, Maine.

The first trip we had mostly rain all night which ruined most of the night timelapses. But what I did get for timelapse footage was great with rapidly moving clouds and fog in between the rain. You’ll even notice a small moonbow briefly over the mountain in one of the timelapse scenes. All of the gigapixel and spherical HDR panoramas were taken on this first trip. In fact, the last third of this video is a single 1.5 gigapixel spherical HDR panorama taken during sunrise at 70mm. Nearly a thousand photos were used for that one panorama and it was most difficult to stitch with the rapidly changing light. It will be on my blog later as a virtual tour and I’ll put a link here when that is done.

The second trip was very short notice and unplanned, but there was quite a bit of solar activity and it looked like a good night to capture the northern lights. We drove up late at night and weren’t disappointed! All of the long exposure still images and star trails in the video were from this second trip, as was the dawn timelapse over very still water. At the very end of that timelapse you can see the sun start hitting the trees and then the water lilies across the pond as it rises.

Special thanks to Matthew Parks and Mike Taylor for braving the millions of mosquitoes and taking photos with me! And a huge thank you to Lisa Dixon for telling us about the location! Check out their Facebook pages, and mine as well if you’d like.

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