Addie Wagenknecht was born in an airport terminal somewhere in Oregon, or so it has been suggested. In her twenties, she fell into the gypsy life and solo hitchhiked around the world before landing in New York City.

While in New York she completed a Masters at New York University as a Wasserman Scholar while spending her nights finding the best source of tacos at 4am. Since the end of her taco mission, she has held fellowships at Eyebeam, CultureLabUK, HyperWerk Institute for Post-Industrial Design and most recently at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University. She is a member of FAT lab.

In her free time, Addie enjoys making middle aged rich men uncomfortable, dropping off steep ledges and eating cake. She splits her time between the US and Europe but really just lives on the internet.

Through her work she hopes to challenge the status quo and create a sense of bittersweet irony (preferably both at once). Addie is also the co-founder of NORTD labs.

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