Walt Hyneman's rigging demo reel created from work at Digital Domain Venice, since 2008. Walt created an anatomically correct generic human skeleton used in part in some of the hero TRON characters. Apart from supervising, Walt rigged hundreds of rigs for TRON including the Qora character and Dune Buggy. For the HALO 4 Trailer, Walt rigged the main character Master Chief. Other work not shown include the THOR and 47 RONIN Digi-Doubles, R&D tetrahedral simulations, muscle development and motion base systems.

Additional Info: On-set Talen/Director interaction include: Olivia Wild and Jeff Bridges (TRON), David Fincher (NIKE/HP/Heineken), Jake Scott (ADIDAS), Hoyt Yeatman (Disney's Human Face Project), Kevin Bacon (Hollowman) and Natasha Henstridge (Species).

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