Working on a covert project that may or may not be related to my next letterpress poster (see ).

I'm attempting to reproduce glyphs that are roughly 460 years old. These glyphs are taken from "Libro di M. Giovambattista Palatino," a book possibly on or about the typography work by Giambattista (or Giovambattista or Giovanni Battista) Palatino, the master Italian calligrapher.

See the original book (and page from which this 'N' was taken) here:

The black 'N' you see in the video is a tracing I did by hand using prints from the original book, scanned later digitally. The red 'N' is the new work done in Adobe Illustrator based on the tracing. This glyph took about 35 minutes to create. My work was captured using iShowU (Mac), sped up 3000% and edited using Final Cut Express.

Music is "Whispering Wind" by Moby.

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