Danijel lost this place and person when he told his mother he was gay. His digital story* recounts with sadness of the mother who insulted him, rejecting and blaming him for “disgracing the family, Montenegro and the people of the world”.

Today, Danijel is an activist. He speaks of the courage and strength his new-found LGBTIQA ‘family’ have given him. It is this combined experience of family – old and new – that has driven Danijel to establish “Queer Montenegro”, an LTGBIQA association that supports the gay community and works to find legal solutions that recognise same-sex families in Montenegro.

Danijel came out at a press conference where he also announced himself as a human rights activist. He has turned his personal experience and challenge into a solution protecting the rights of his otherwise marginalised community.

(OWPSEE 2013 in Work with us: How people and organisations can catalyse sustainable change, Brighton: IDS)

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*This film was made through the participatory visual method 'digital storytelling':
A learning, creating and sharing experience supported by technology, allowing participants to create their own short digital media production that allows people to share aspects of their life story. ‘Media’ may include the digital equivalent of film, animation, photos, audio recordings, or electronic files that individuals can use to tell a story or present an idea. The process of creating digital stories is as important, if not more important, as the end result.

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