ShopSocially helps transform your online store into a social-media driven word-of-mouth powerhouse. Use the power of social media on your store - where your users have come with a clear intent of transaction - and result in increased conversions. See how ShopSocially can help increase your revenues and drive more conversions.

Transcript for the video:
ShopSocially brings social to where commerce is being conducted, that is, your website. And not commerce into social networks such as Facebook. Users never leave your website. It turns your website into a word-of-mouth powerhouse. This can significantly increase revenue and conversions.

Let’s see some strategies that you can enable with ShopSocially to achieve this.

Use social couponing A strategy where users get a coupon in exchange for performing a small social action. Users who “earn” the coupon convert at a 5-7 times higher rate, thus driving up the overall conversion Social actions performed by users can be collected, archived and used as “social proof” to encourage users to convert. For example, at the end of a purchase, users are asked to share their purchase with friends
Purchases shared by users go on Facebook, Twitter and 1-1 messages, But they can also be archived and used as testimonials. You can show a “shopping community” on your website that lets your users discover what others are buying. This increases discovery and conversion. You can also embed such a community on your Facebook page and promote it to your Facebook fans. And finally, testimonials for each product can be brought back to product pages as “social proof” for that product. Social proof can increase conversion significantly. Since these testimonials are generated at the point of sale, they are generated at a rate 10-20 times greater rate than normal reviews.

ShopSocially enables you to generate referral traffic from social media and hence, generate incremental revenues. Each social action creates a post on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, as well as email. This results in friend clicks coming back to your website. Get your shoppers to come back more often.

On your thank you page, your shoppers get a coupon for sharing. This coupon is emailed to the shopper, bringing the shopper back to make a repeat purchase.

Not sure what to do with your Facebook fan base. ShopSocially can help. Create a viral flash sale. And promote it on Facebook via Facebook offers or sponsored posts. Watch the virality kick in. Or embed the polling functionality on your website and post a poll on your fan page. Each friend who votes on the poll ends up checking out your website and possibly making a purchase. Make social count with ShopSocially.

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