A Collection of Failed Love Stories is an anthology examination on the melancholies of youth attraction. Naivety, self-importance, and a general disregard of the things that go on in the world inhabit the hopeless romantic with a complete lack of understanding to what love even is. The Collection is at once a critical flip-off and an empathic exploration into the pains of said hopeless romantics, while also serving as an ambiguous love/hate letter to cinema and pro/anti-psychedelics public service announcement. Featuring a cast you’ve never heard of, A Collection of Failed Love Stories may or may not satisfy your frustration or compassion towards persons with nothing more profound to express other than how lonely they are.

Written and directed by
Terry Chiu

Original Soundtrack by
Lan Thokchom and Jessie-Jamz Ozaeta

More about the film at:

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