ke∂jaOslo - Dance and New Media

The encounter took place in the buildings of our partners Dance House Oslo, Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO) on 11th October 2009.

Johannes Birringer, Ghislaine Boddington, Helene Lesterlin, Wayne Ashley, Amanda Steggell, Stefan Schwartz/Tanzhaus NRW, side by, Tina Tarpgaard and Ole Kristensen/Recoil Performance Group, are some of the people that presented ideas, projects and discussed issues of new media in dance education, interauthorship in interdisciplinary artistic processes, virtual dance, dramaturgy in multimedial performance, contemporary dance film, new technology as a research tool, dance online, curating dance and media projects, dance new media and the corporate world, open source technology, as well as dance, new media and the audience.

Arild Fetveit is not from the University of Helsinki, he is from the University of Copenhagen.

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