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Original Poem : " Sea Voyage" : by CCPoetryNow 2013
Original Video : CCPoetryNow 2013
Original Music : CCPoetryNow 2013

Sea Voyage

Original Poem

from shadow ...
we merge with ocean light
waves of day
flow through us

Together at helm
salt-springs wash us down
ocean droplets
dance, race and fall

like scattered pearls
spectral worlds
spray brighter showers
across our face

We rise and fall
in rhythms of the sea
the touch of hands
steady ... yet reckless
as the past trails behind
in wake of distant memory

Our dream that was
is ...
always has been
always will be

Though our sun may pass
through thickened clouds
a bright smile
in stillness ... beyond time
warms us now.

CCPoetryNow 2013

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