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In the city of Berlin everyone is going crazy for a new smartphone app. Anyone with a smartphone can play a sort of Super Mario Bros arcade game in Augmented Reality and has a chance to win Bitcoins just by playing. One coin corresponds to 0.01 Bitcoins. The citizens’ habits are tainted by the game. Coins are hidden all over the city, you can spot them by scanning the local area with your device, but often they are not easy to grab. People started to leave their jobs in order to collect Coins in the streets. All over the city people are jumping and running around with their smartphones, trying to grab as many virtual coins as they can, while the App developers' identity remains covered.

By talking about a new imaginary smart phone app, in which the whole city of Berlin is allegedly involved, acknowledged bloggers, hackers, game developers, financial experts are being interviewed about the future of Bitcoins, the relationship between the governments and the cryptographic currencies and more in general, about the relationships between internet users, their own rights and their privacy.
Part of the work is dedicated to the Bitcoinkiez, a small Berlin district where local owners started to sell their products in Bitcoins through the Bitcoin Wallet App. This neighborhood holds a world record: no other one in the world is so densely populated with commercial activities that accept the Bitcoin as a valid currency.

Music by:
Trouble Mind Cabin Crew - Songs For The Animals - "Herons"
Trouble Mind Cabin Crew - Songs For The Animals - "Ants"
Digi G'alessio - 1994 - "Gorgonzola Marittimo"
Trouble Mind Cabin Crew - Songs For The Animals - "Toads"
Niccolò Presenti "Mario Arcade RMX"


The movie was shot in Berlin. Thanks to re:publica, c-base, Party Bag, Room 77 and the all bitcoinkiez.

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