Queer Artivism (96 min) offers an insight into five different queer film festivals through video footage and interviews with the organizers. With this it gives people who do not have the opportunity to visit various queer film festivals, a chance to experience at least five by going to just one film festival/screening.

Additionally it is a tribute to queer film festivals and presents different points of view on the current status of queer film festivals and queer films. It is also a tribute to filmmakers, festival organizers and all the people who usually remain unseen, but without whom queer film festivals and queer films would not exist.

Throughout the documentary interviewees (festival organizers, filmmakers and musicians) share their personal stories and elaborate on the importance of queer film festivals and queer film, opening a new space for discussion, reflection and evaluation of queer film festivals and queer film in today’s society.

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OFFICIAL FESTIVAL SELECTION: Cine GLBT La Paz Festival (Bolivia), Durban Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (South Africa), Mix Mexico (Mexico), Outfest Peru (Peru), Libercine (Argentina), Outview Film Festival (Greece), LGBT Film festival (Poland), Boston LGBT Film Festival (USA), Cinhomo Muestra Cine LGBT (Spain), Reelout Queer Film + Video Festival (Canada), Zinegoak (Spain), Omovies (Italy), MixBrasil (Brazil), LesGaiCineMad (Spain), Ferfilm International Film Festival (Kosovo).

FEATURING: Maria Laura Annibali, John Badalu, Patrícia Bateira, Itxaso Beistegi, Alec Butler, Juanma Carrillo, Jerry Carlsson, Julia Csabai, Antonio Da Silva, Anette Gunnarsson, Jamie Holm, Jen Markowitz, Juanan Martínez, Ana David, Zvonimir Dobrović, Jessie Farmer, João Federici, João Ferreira, Jessica Forsythe, Xiana García Freire, Richard García Vázquez, Pau G. Guillén, Matthew Mishory, Katie Murphy, Victor Nascimento, Mascha Nehls, Miriam Ortega Domínguez, Alessandro Paesano, Slavica Parlov, María Popova, Luca Ragazzi, Jan Soldat, Gulya Sultanova, Abisha Uhl and Manfred.

Completed in September 2013.

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