Goto80′s Dataslav performance turns the composer into a slave to the visitors. They tell him what to do by filling in a form, and he makes their wish come true in about 10 minutes, using an Amiga home computer.

15 songs were made at the Dataslöjd Summer Exhibition. Many requests were quite open whereas others were very specific, mentioning certain songs, time signatures, situations, genres, etc.

DATASLAV RECORDINGS (9,5 minutes, 12 MB)

Click to listen to the songs, in the order that they were made. You can also download the original mod-files below and play them with for example Winamp or VLC. Feel free to load the mod-files into e.g Renoise and play around with them.

Most of the songs are less than 50 kilobytes in size (equivalent to an MP3 of 0.05 seconds). They were made on an Amiga using sounds ripped or made by teens in the early 90′s. Depending on the challenge of the task, I set a timer for 5-15 minutes and when it rang I stopped working and copied the song to a floppy.

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