(The Highballers/Soft Music Hard Liquor ©2013, Written by Kendall Jackson)

She put some flowers on the pillow
Ribbon around that weeping willow
And welcomed me home one more time

She clipped the hedges and mowed the lawn
Cleaned and painted the wooden barn
Simple gestures and hard labor
Showed that she would be fine.

I came in and hardly noticed
She's in her best Sunday dress
I didn't bother to look her in the eye.
It made her want to just die.

Because I live to let you down
How I hoped and I prayed
our love would turn around
But I live to let you down

I dropped to my knees to the ground
Wondering how I let you down
How could you feel so alone
When my love is so strong.

You walked inside and closed the door
threw the flowers on the floor
As I stared at the willow where the ribbon was tied.

I lay my head down and cried
As a shot rang from inside
I knew me husband was gone
I tried to please you for so long

Because I live to let you down
How I hoped and I prayed
Our love would turn around
I guess I live to let you down

WOODSHED RECORDS, All Rights Reserved

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