9:35 / SD Video
Colour / Stereo sound

DIALOG is an abstract animated film. It is entirely synthetic; no cameras were used to create the visuals, and no instruments were used in the production of the music. The film associates moving colour-shapes with particular musical sounds in a prearranged sequence, but then plays with the ‘rules’ of the sequence to explore the relationship between harmony and dissonance in the viewer’s perceptive experience. Featuring music by Akisakila.

About Akisakila
Akisakila are Shub Roy and Joshua Bastien. They attempt to combine noise, electronic, dub, indie, pop, electro, hip hop, classical, avant-garde and post-musics into something that makes sense to them. Their experiments are performed with guitar, bass, synth, drum machine, theremin, toy instruments, industrial materials, various percussion, many effects, a computer, and sometimes visuals.

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