Nick and Patrick finally meet up and form a plan to get the whole gang back together. A plan that doesn't involve the arrival of Jared Sinclair. And Gary gets the talk that he deserves but not the one he needs right now.

Chapter Seven Credits and Notes

Starring Brady Doepker and Jacob Lucius
Co-starring Nick Liske, Alex Doepker, Megan Benner, Brandon Beining, Ed Burkholder, Patrick Lay, Nick Dutro, Robert Schalk, Autumn Kauble, Josh Englehart and Tom Hoffman
Narration by Ben King
Shot by Alex Doepker
Additional Camerawork by Jacob Lucius and Brady Doepker
Boom Operation by Everyone
Written and Edited by Brady & Alex Doepker
Graphics & Animation by Brady Doepker
Still photography by Jacob Lucius

Special Thanks
Nancy Lucius, Tina Doepker, Tom Hoffman

Shot on a Canon XHA1 & Canon T3i
Audio recorded with Tascam DR-40
Edited with Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and Soundtrack Pro

Audio Excerpts used from:
"The Dark Knight" ©2008 Courtesy of Warner Bros
"Arrested Development: Season 4" ©2013 Courtesy of Netflix
"Charlie Brown Special" © 1965 United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

Additional Thanks to David Schwartz and the Vince Guaraldi Trio

Dead Shark Productions © 2013

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