The Smart Chicago Collaborative is a civic organization devoted to improving lives in Chicago through technology. We're all about using lightweight tools to get big things done. This video shows how we use Mailchimp, Wufoo, Ohours, Outlook 365, and our our custom software to manage the nearly 500 members of our Civic User Testing Group, where regular Chicago residents get paid to test civic apps.

0:07: Patterns: Custom software that helps us manage our programs and apps as well as the people who test them
1:18: Using the Wufoo API to Segment Testers Based on Form Responses The key to getting the right people to test the right software
2:25: Using Mailchimp API to import Static Segments: Allows us to manage large amounts of people in our own system and seamlessly integrate with Mailchimp for outbound communication to testers
3:58: Using Ohours, Outlook, and the Wufoo API to manage scheduling: Semi-automation with some serious human intervention. We are looking to make this process even smoother.

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