This is a video of one aspect of my alternate energy research.

Whatever you are, wherever you are, you're gonna need water! Here are some advantages of this water pump over traditional water pumps:

- Pump system does not require electrical service - designed as part of a system to be used permanently off-grid.
- Pump system is the ultimate water system for alternate energy users - system can use other energy sources without any pump changes.
- Pump can handle light sediment in the water.
- Pump is inherently a variable-speed and variable-flow pump.
- Pump is inherently a *true* constant pressure pump.
- Pump can operate at 0-125 PSI - quickly, easily, and even dynamically adjustable by the user.
- Pump can provide up to 4.6 GPM - right at the bare minimum needed for normal household use, good for cabin water.
- Pump is not damaged in dead head situations and normally operates in that condition.
- Pump is not damaged in rapid-cycle situations and normally operates in that condition.
- Pump is not damaged if run dry.
- Pump cannot overheat nor melt down, actually runs cool.
- Pump cannot short-out (uses no electricity).
- Pump will not catch on fire (uses no electricity nor any fuels).
- Pump is unaffected by power surges and spikes from the grid or from lightning.
- Pump is unaffected by EMF radiation (Nuclear or EMF bombs/weapons).
- Pump can be installed in minutes with no tools.
- Pump can be buried underground, installed below the flood line, or even permanently submerged.
- Pump has minimal footprint and space requirements (would normally be contained inside a small box for simplicity; shown exposed in the video for clarity).
- Pump can easily be rebuilt (should that day come) using only simple household tools.

Note: Some might call this an "AODD" pump (Air-Operated Dual-Diaphragm), but since 'pneumatic' means 'air-operated', it makes more sense to me to just call it a "PDD" pump (Pneumatic Dual-Diaphragm).

Music: Ballycastle Players - "Inverary Castle" Scotland The Brave - Scottish Pipes & Bagpipes.

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