Architectural Lighting has entered a new stage with the advent of dynamic lighting. Dynamic light can be digitally controlled providing animated changes in colour and intensity. This technology now allows animated programs to be displayed onto a building in a scale that is unprecedented.
The lighting of a building can now take on a brand or a personality that was not previously possible or practical hitherto. Depending on the lighting, this may allow a building to communicate personality, seasonal
messages or to participate in a synchronised display with other buildings, as in the case of the ‘ Symphony of
Lights ’ on Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.
Laservision is at the forefront of this new genre of Architectural Lighting, leading the way in design, supply and installation. Laservision is responsible for the concept and original design of the ‘ Symphony of Lights ’, the “ World’s Largest Light and Sound Show ” on Victoria Harbour as well as many subtle lighting designs around the world.
Exceptional examples of Laservision’s design and installation skills are evident in buildings in Hong Kong
such as HSBC Headquarters, Standard Chartered Bank and the Hopewell Centre. These three buildings use
their lighting to convey a very particular brand image reinforcing their corporate personality.
With decades of experience by Laservision’s Research and Development department in the manufacturing of
specialised control systems dedicated to the dynamic and architectural lighting industry, Laservision has
become an industry leader in these specifically designed control technologies.
International focus on sustainable development has seen high rise buildings around the world adopt energy
efficient lighting designs as a means of retrofitting new or old structures for modern times. Laservision leads the way in developing highly efficient lighting designs, minimising energy consumption, yet still producing
spectacular results.

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