In this DROPS video we show how to get the rib on the left sock to twist to the right.

Insert 1 marker in a K (knit) stitch in each side of the sock according to the pattern. At the first st with marker dec on every round by slipping the K st , K the next st and pass the slipped stitch over. Continue rib with K over K and P over P until you get to the next marker in the other side. Now make a yo before the K st, and repeat on every round. On next round K YO twisted (i.e. work in the back loop of st) and make a new yo right before the K st with marker.

We work several rounds to show the procedure and finally we show how it looks when you have worked about 20 rounds.

In the pattern there are more sts on the sock than what we show in the video and therefore more stitches between the 2 markers.

To see a pattern with this technique, see:
DROPS Catalog 150-20

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