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1.Wide shot, women and men in lines along the road waiting for food aid
2.Med shot, men in line along the Afgoye road
3.Close up, old men seated as they wait along the road
4.Med shot, old men waiting in line for food aid
5.Wide shot, people going through security checks before receiving the food donations
6.Wide shot, AMISOM soldiers explaining how the distribution will be conducted to the Red Crescent personnel
7. Close up, Abdihamid Suleiman, Head of UAE aid to Somalia
8.Med shot, AMISOM soldier explaining to Abdihamid Suleiman
9.Wide shot, women seated waiting for the food distribution
10.Wide shot, people in queues receiving boxes of food from AMISOM soldiers
11.Wide shot, boxes with food being offloaded from a truck
12. Wide shot, AMISOM soldiers offloading boxes from trucks
13.Close up, boxes being offloaded from the truck and handed to the Somali women
14. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Abdihamid Suleiman, Head of UAE aid to Somalia
“This Ramadan we’ve distributed over 23,500 Ramadan packages. The packages consist of different food items totaling up to 20 kilograms. The distributions took place around Mogadishu and today we have gone beyond Mogadishu and we are in Afgoye. Our target today is to reach 5,000 Somali families. This is a donation to the Somali people. Peace be upon you all.”

15.Wide shot, UAE Red Crescent personnel distributing food boxes to the Somali women
16.Wide shot, UAE Red Crescent personnel handing a box to a Somali woman
17. Close up, young boy receiving box of food from the UAE Red Crescent personnel
18.Wide shot, AMISOM soldiers observing the distribution of food
19.Med shot, Somali National Army (SNA) soldier hands the Somali women tokens for receiving food
20.SOUNDBITE (English) Capt. Jacquelyn Nakayenze, AMISOM CIMIC OFFICER battle group 11
“This battle group has been in the mission area now for seven months and this is our first big food distribution in this area since we came. The rest of the activities that we have been doing are mostly giving treatment which is always done inside our detach.”

21.Wide shot, boxes of food for distribution.
22.Close up, contents in the food boxes
23. Wide shot, Somali women as they wrap and pick up their food boxes
24. Med shot, women helping each other as they carry the food boxes
25. Wide shot of Somali women as they walk away with boxes of food
26. SOUNDBITE: (Somali) Dahira Mohamed Abdi, Somali Woman saying:
“We haven’t received any food for a long time. We live here without any relief
food. We are poor and we cannot afford anything. We don’t have houses or shelter. May Allah reward those who helped us and thank you so much.”

27. Wide shot, UAE Red Crescent personnel assisting woman on a wheelchair to carry her box of food
28. Med shot, UAE Red Crescent personnel places box of food on the ladies wheel chair
29. Wide shot, UAE Red Crescent personnel pushing woman on wheel chair

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