Most of the footy in this vid was filmed on the 4th of july. ALSO There might possibly be 3 parts to this edit, not sure yet though cuz I'm still editing editing editing them.
Skaters ▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹▹
Braden Banks, Steven Downs, Sam Hodges, Trevor Leonard, Anthony Shephard, Jason Watson, Matthew O'Donnell, Omar Torres, Moises lara.
Tyler was when he was on acid.
Soundtrack ▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾
0:00 - 0:31 Lil Gin - Shake Junt.
0:31 - 0:55 Steppenwolf ▾Magic Carpet Ride
0:55 - 1:50 T21 - Ceremony... i think. I found it on a mix.
During that track i mixed in Lil snippets of (Pharcyde - Passin' me by)
1:50 - End - Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind Remix (by Cee-Roo)
Which i re-arranged subtly to work with the video better.

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