Woody Wise, president of the Cliffhangers and executive producer of the Brotherhood of the Popcorn documentary, explores the Alabama hills of Lone Pine, California. At the base of the Sierra Mountains, this rugged, romantic landscape has provided the majestic settings of Hollywood's Old West (as well as India, China, South America, Afghanistan and even other planets)! Whether your familiar with Lone Pine History or not, this week's excerpt will be a delightful trip down memory lane for ALL movie-lovers alike.

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By the way, if your wondering why we didn't cover, GUNGA DIN in this excerpt, you're going to have wait to see the Documentary (which incidentally will be playing at The Lone Pine Film Festival this year). Join us October 11th-13th, 2013.
For more Info on the festival, please visit: lonepinefilmfestival.org

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Charles Langley, Kent Sperring, Woody Wise - For your time wisdom, and devotion to Lone Pine
George Forgeng for your original Music composed and recorded for this project
The Lone Pine film Festival and Lone Pine Film Commission for all your support with our Documentary
AND YOU ~ Our fans, for your kind support and donations! For your own copy of BROTHERHOOD OF THE POPCORN, make a donation at brotherhoodofthepopcorn.com

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