Where circumstance meets opportunity, you will find the Trolley Man.

Every day hundreds of men trawl through Johannesburg’s garbage. Pushing, pulling and riding their
homemade carts, some are homeless, most are unemployed, but every one of them has taken the
initiative and, by some small measure at least, empowered themselves.

Rather than wait for hand-outs or beg for small change at the traffic lights, these so-called ‘Trolley
Men’ have understood the sudden world trend for recycling as a means of earning enough money to
survive, and, although their interest in a greener planet is vicarious at best, their efforts have led to a
significant change in the amount of recycling that South Africa is responsible for. What we simply
throw carelessly away, they separate, sort and ship off to recycling centres across the city.

This film is a look at the life of one such Trolley Man, 20-year-old Rethabile ‘Tente’ Masita.

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