at Kujenga-Viongozi New England 2013 Catholic #YouthRetreat Faith Engaged! Charge + Challenge + Choice + Commitment at the Betania II Retreat Center, Medway, Massachusetts. 2013v0000KVNE13 Kujenga-Viongozi New England 2013v M2U00451KVNE13
The purpose of Annual Kujenga-Viongozi Youth Retreat New England is to develop leadership skills among Catholic Youth and Young Adults in the Black Catholic tradition with Jesus-Christ at the center of their lives. This annual youth retreat takes place during summer vacation - from Friday, August 1st to Sunday, August 3rd of this year of 2014.
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- Lorna DesRoses at 617-746-5810
- Gail Matulina at 617-746-5814
- Josette Beaubrun at 617-298-0080

Kujenga-Viongozi comes from the Swahili words that mean, “to build leadership.” This annual youth retreat is hosted by the Archdiocese of Boston – Office of Cultural Diversity with multiple other archdioceses of New England/USA. This weekend is targeted toward youth and young adults (and adults who serve as chaperones and mentors) who want to share their spiritual gifts and talents, explore the leadership seeds God has planted in them and go deeper in their leadership role in the Church of Christ.
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