Gh2 hack Moon T7
24p Cinema
24L 80Mpbs
Film Convert (Gh2 Nostalgic preset)
Lens: Som Berthiot Pan Cinor 2.8 20-60

This is the first time I used a c-mount lens on GH2. In the movie there was no color correction. As you can see the color tone is light. I may be wrong, but the color of this lens has a look at the past. The sharpness is perceived as well as 35 mm forwards, back corners are not as good. It's easy to focus, and puts in maximum zoom back a bit to set the table, however, the focus ring is too long, you turn to the front, back and never seems to lose is actually very accurate. It is very nice to use, I really liked it weighs just a bit. If you want to shoot with a vintage look, then it is worth having one of these, the price is not too expensive, is on ebay for about 150.00. The adapter is used was a tiny C-M4 / 3.

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