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One of the biggest motivations behind our re-brand from Blueberry Fusion to Blueberry Creative was to expand a wider umbrella as to what we offer our clients. Granted, neither company name indicates, directly, what we do (which we kind of love), but ‘Creative’ is a more focused word than ‘Fusion’. Honestly, we’re not sure if we’ll ever be able to accurately communicate what Blueberry Creative does, as our company is constantly evolving and looking to create across a variety of landscapes. It’s up to our clients to accept that or not. Luckily, we’ve been blessed that a lot of folks have accepted what we do and trusted us with their memories and businesses. Maybe that’s the best way to put it: We’re in the memories and business…business!

In all seriousness, we take great pride in helping our commercial clients realize marketing strategies that are tailored to their particular industry. We generally work with companies that have a story and that want to tell it in a less traditional way than a 30-second blip on television. What we’ve found is that by creating a product that invites clients in to the business with honesty and transparency produces far greater results than screaming a slogan or dancing around the subject. We’re about getting to the heart of the matter and making a connection between a business and a potential client that engages them on an emotional level.

We’re very excited to share our commercial reel with you and we invite you to put aside what standard advertising means and look a little deeper into what can be communicated with authenticity and a fresh approach to marketing.

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