Creating a Bee Hotel, or Pollinator Hotel, is a great way to support native and non-honey bee insects and other wildlife in your garden. A Bee Hotel can be of any size, and this video shows you how to take easily available items in your home and turn them into a haven for your insect friends.

This video was created as part of a course module for the College of the Melissae, the Centre for Sacred Beekeeping. If you are interested in learning more about Sacred Beekeeping, or even just beekeeping in general, please visit the College's website:

In this video I use:
An old milk crate
An old clay drain section
An old plant pot
Bamboo reeds
A 1 cm (5/16") length dowl of some length
Decorative grass
Carded and prepared, but not spun, wool fleece
Pine cones

Some great resources and a wealth of ideas and inspiration:

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