What is GAPPS?
Hi there. What’s Better Today?
I am Dr John Kenworthy, and thank you for joining me to learn about our GAPPS leadership assessment.
And that’s exactly what GAPPS is, a leadership assessment tool.
Let me start explaining what GAPPS is and what it does by first ensuring that we are all clear about the principle of the path.
The principle of the path is very simple.
Every path you take in life leads to a particular destination. That’s obvious right?
The problem with this principle is that many people don’t actually believe it. You see, the path you are on right now in your life, your career, your leadership development… well it leads to a destination.
It’s NOT your intended goal that determines your path.
It is the path you are on that determines the destination you will reach.
If you are currently on a path that does not lead to your success, you will achieve something other than your intended success.
Maybe you’re happy with finding out what your destination is going to be at the end of your chosen path, but I suspect, that maybe, just maybe, you would like to take a path to your desired destination.
Now you probably know how to drive. If you don’t then, you’ve certainly been a passenger in a car.
Every car has several valuable instruments. But which instrument is the most valuable in the car?
Many people think that the fuel gauge is the most valuable instrument in the car. And indeed it is valuable. It informs you whether you how much fuel you have left and thus you can determine if you have the capability to get to your destination, or not. Even though the route you have taken leads to a destination, you may, or may not make it that far.
In leadership assessments, this is like a personality test. It tells you what you can best achieve given your temperament, style and “natural” preferences.
Most people think that the speedometer is the most valuable instrument. It informs you how quickly you are travelling and enables you to adjust your speed to ensure that you obey the rules governing that particular route. Your speedo informs you how quickly you can reach the destination of the route you are on.
The speedo is like taking a competency assessment. Which similarly tells you about how quickly you are able to achieve your chosen route’s destination by leveraging your strengths.
You might think that the engine temperature, or the odometer. All have value. But the most valuable instrument in your car is your GPS.
The GPS, tells you where you are now, and where you need to turn next to reach your desired destination, irrespective of the route you have chosen to take. If you’ve made a ‘wrong turn’, your GPS informs you to turn around at the first available opportunity, and take another route.
If you insist on going down the ‘wrong route’, your GPS will recalculate a new, optimal route to your desired destination.
Now, you can of course do this manually. Get out a map, a compass, calculate your speed, check for landmarks. Make your own adjustments and, so long as you can read the map… reach your intended destination.
But isn’t a GPS a lot easier?
GAPPS is your leadership GPS
One instrument that will tell you objectively, your strengths, your development needs, your personal preferences, your character, your potential to reach your desired destination. AND, GAPPS will suggest an optimal route (development priorities) for you to reach your desired destination.
GAPPS is more than a leadership Assessment
It’s a whole system to help you
• Learn where you are now as a leader
• Plan you optimal route to achieve your desired destination
• Give you access to tutorials and templates to develop as a leader
• And provide you with the support you need to achieve your success.

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