We notice the big things in life. Big moments, like first steps, first words, graduation day, first job, wedding day, first child, and then the cycle repeats. Now of course, the big stuff matters, but the little details build up to and lead up to the big moments and big stuff. And when the little details get taken care of, it says something about the people who take care of them.

Which brings us to Elena and Jason's wedding day. What a field day for Pinterest! There were so many creative and elegant personal touches in the decor, in the accommodating of guests, in the day itself that left the unmistakable impression that this was definitely Elena and Jason's special day. From the meticulous glass encased flower details to the cute "bride" and "groom" cars, one could totally see the amount of care and thought was put into preparing for this day.

But not only on this day. Listening to the heartfelt speeches, you can sense the deep, positive impression these two lovely people have left in people's lives, by their acts of service and their resourcefulness. And for us cinematographers, we couldn't be happier for a wonderful, creative and kind woman like Elena to be married to an upstanding, friendly and servant-hearted man like Jason.

We are so blessed to witness your special day, Elena and Jason! And may your marriage shine all the brighter with love and laughter for all the adventures married will bring your way. May each day be most blessed by His love and presence in your life together. And when we are on Facebook, may we all smile just a little more ;) Congrats to our Facebook giveaway winners :D

Shout out to Kunioo! Awesome working with you guys and hope to work with you again!

- nouver

Music // I Do by Holley Maher. Licensed Through The Music Bed.

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