NOTE: This video is largely unedited; time codes for highlights from this event are:

Life-Lights Performance: 12:12.
Green Anaconda Song: 23:40
I Can Sing a Rainbow- MMS Primary Classrooms: 43:00
De Colores-Junior and Advanced Spanish Class and Guitar Students: 47:15
Fourth Grade Recorder Performance: 52:00
M-M-S (to the tune of Y-M-C-A)-Fifth and Sixth Graders: 58:50
Celebration of Sixth Grade Graduates: 105:25
At Mountaineer Montessori (MMS School Song)-all students and alumni: 1:09

"Life-Lights," an original dance and live music production exploring the energy and life cycles of local plants and animals and man’s interconnection to the environment, premiered at the MMS Annual School Performance on Wednesday, May 29, 2013, at the WVU Health Sciences Center Charleston Division Auditorium.

The production featured young performers dressed entirely in black, outfitted with LED lights interwoven in their shoes and clothing. Through light patterns on costumes and specially-designed props, “Life-lights” vividly depicted the cycle of life and the connections between all plants and animals, including man.

The project placed first in the annual arts in education crowd funding competition sponsored by the Arts Council of the Kanawha Valley last fall; the winnings provided critical seed funding for technical development of the production.

From ages 6-9, children are developing a sense of themselves and the world around them. MMS junior elementary students spent this year studying the biosphere, learning that plants and animals cannot live without each other. Through this performance, students will share important lessons about our native environment and the interconnection among all of us with the community, especially other children in the Kanawha Valley.

This video also featured performances by MMS primary and advanced elementary students and a special tribute to our graduating sixth graders.

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