Binding a man or women's love is done through the usage of Kabbalah remedies and involves 2 basic procedures:

This action which is named in Hebrew "Hibur" is performed through the usage of materials from the "Shor materials" family and it is responsible of the readjustment of the emotional and logical perception of the love one.
In this part of the process you will ensure a good emotional base on which you will be able to proceed to the next and final step.

A Binding of communication, or as is called in Hebrew "KVILLAH" is done after the establishment of a good basic emotional and sexual channel between the lovers.
In this part of the process, the sender will bind all the existing emotional and sexual communication to prevent any outer interference, such as other people or spiritual and psychological influences.

To accomplish a successful love binding, one must use specially adjusted remedies that will be created according to both sides Kabbalistic channel mapping and will be possible only in compatible cases.

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