This performance took place in an old olive tree garden in Cimiez/Nice
(in the south of France) at Culture en Herbe (, an awesome free/grass-roots festival with art exhibitions, animations/worshops for kids & older kids, music & sometimes even
a bubble machine :D

I hope that you'll enjoy this excerpt from Metanoia Orchestra's very first concert, a peculiar group entirely composed of special guests :

- Yona Yacoub : Voice.

- Misja Fitzgerald Michel : Guitar.

- Kevin Tardevet : Double-bass.

- Eric "TaoTeKid" Morabito : modal/rhythmic environments
+ live electronic drums & voice-controlled orchestra.


This concert was special for several reasons ...

This was the very first time we ever played together,
the whole idea was to gather & meet that day for a totally unrehearsed concert that we would improvise around a minimal set of modal/rhythmic environments, the frame & the canvas for our collective free-form musical painting, so to speak :

- a rather deep drone/pad (entirely made with UGO's "Mean Little Monosynth" Rez 3 : )
& a multi-layered percussion beat in the 1st space/time/mode that we explored :

- a minimalist metronomic electronic beat & a synth bass/hammered guitar line that was generated using 's awesome algorithmic sequencing platform "Hyperion", in the 2nd one :

... "but why the oxygen mask !?" you might ask :)

well, think of it as a tiny vocal recording booth that isolates my headset microphone from the stage monitors & allows me drive up my microphone's sensitivity so that I only need to hum (since I can't actually sing : ) into my voice-controlled "virtual" orchestra, a muti-instrumental harmonized (and/or reversed/arpeggiated) canon system, basically a chaining of VST instruments & effects programmed to modify & respond to my pseudo-singing via an audio/mic-to-midi conversion (using JamOrigin's "Midi Guitar" VST :) ...

- this concert was also my first public performance with this system that I designed as a solution for me to start performing live music with my peers after over a decade of mostly ascetic home-studio work in progress :)

- I was told by a friend that this was quite an ambitious project & I feel blessed that my friends/guests accepted my invitation to make it happen & make this first meeting/improvised concert a decent proof of concept :)

I am honored by your trust & support, thank you :D


- "Metanoia is to the mind what metamorphosis is to nymphs and pupae."

You can read a more extensive definition of the concept on Scott Noble's Metanoïa Films' "about" page here :

Apart from having its name originating from it - & I hope it is obvious that this is not a case of shameless name-theft/self-attribution that came out of some lack of inspiration, but on the contrary, a heartfelt tribute -
"Métanoïa Orchestra" is not affiliated with
but I whole-heartedly support Scott Noble's work which I find truly admirable :

He is the author of a remarkably brilliant body of work that I can't recommend enough, a must-watch documentary series for anyone who wishes to understand the world that we live in, why it's so f**ked up & how mind-f**king tactics ("The real battlefield is the mind.", check out "Psywar" up there) allow the actual f**k-up machinery to work till this day ...
(see "The Power Principle", "Counter-Intelligence", & also "Lifting the Veil")
but be warned that this powerful eye/mind-opening & empowering series of beautifully crafted films can undo much of the mind-f**k that one has been subjected to from an early age (see "Human Resources"),
which can be quite a shock ...

Really powerful stuff that I suspect can render the attentive listener/viewer's mind immune to the worst kind of mind-f**k attempts by the system ...
& the musical selections are great too ...

watch those films !!!
do it for the children ! ;)


... anyway - short & sweet - I hope that you'll enjoy the music :D

Wishing all the best to you & your loved ones ...

Peace + Blessings,


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