FrostnipFilms presents "EXPLORE", a short promo of International Mountain Leader Megan Hine.

Shot is Chamonix, France as a FrostnipFilms test case. Field testing our new Sony camera FS700.
Lenses used Canon 70-200, 24-70 F2.8 with metabones adapter.
Flying shots were done with the kitlens because of the IS. Mountain bike shot in the forest has some over exposure :-( Next time i bring a sun reflector to 'light' the face of Megan in the end shot.

JR45Cine color profile, some simple color correction done in PP and MB Looks.

Black Level: 0
Gamma: Cine1
Black Gamma: High, -7
Knee: Manual, Point= 95% / Slope= +5
Color Mode: Pro, Level 8
Color Level: +4
Color Phase: +2
Color Depth: R= +4, G= -7, B= -1, C= -3, M= +7, Y= 0
Detail: -4 / Manual Set = Off

This was our first test done with the camera, very first time we ever pressed record.
Other test will be done in the upcoming weeks. We are working on/looking for a perfect set-up for our upcoming Alaska project, Frozen Endurance.
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