Photographic and sound project completed for a scholarship I undertook in Seoul, South Korea in June 2013 as part of my degree.
Seoul is such an amazing vibrant city that left me wanting more.
What struck me most were the interesting juxtapositions and contrasts. It's peaceful yet chaotic. Beautiful traditional old buildings nestle in along side monolithic skyscrapers. The young and the old exist side by side in a complimentary fashion. Not just the buildings but the people too. After many years of living under a ceasefire the people seem stoic yet vulnerable.
The South Korean flag symbolises duality, harmony and balance with its opposing trigrams on each corner and Taeguk holding the principles of yin and yang in the centre. I wanted to create a work that explored all of these themes. I hope you enjoy this almost 8 minute personal journey into the heart of Seoul through my eyes and ears.

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