Dee & Steve are one of our favourite couple-friends. We haven’t even filmed their wedding yet, but we’ve been around them, their friends and families long enough to know and love each and everyone of them.

Dee likes to give us shit. She’s good at it too, but we like to think we’re better. Steve, on the other hand, is just a really cool dude who's great to have a whisky and chat with. Put them together and they’re a bunch of fun, but add in some friends and family, there is no telling how much trouble they'll cook up!

So we put that to the test, cue Pre-Wedding Slow Motion Video Booth!

Dee & Steve, plus friends & family in our studio for a couple of days…This was not like any other pre-wedding, no, no. In fact, it really had nothing to do with their wedding at all…but sure was awesome! This shoot was all about making a mess (and did they ever!) and having a mad time with their closest peeps.

So sit back, relax and have a laugh at just how much mess and fun they really had!

Note: We adapted this concept from the crew at Bruton Stroube, who did a slow-mo booth recently with the Phantom Miro Camera at 1500fps. Now, we didn’t have the pleasure of filming with that camera, we used a Sony FS700.

The concept of their video was something we thought would be great fun to do and no doubt something cinematographers all over will make a trend.

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