Not your normal commercial on television.

Memoir is a film for drivers with a man getting banged by the car and within seconds, his memories flashes through his eyes and lastly, death.

Most of the shots are in POV (Point of View) of the man's visual emotions. Only one which he is in the scene itself. It's to show him in his saddest state.

I did this story in a way not to make it obvious. I want to let audience see what the character sees and feel his mood and in the end, 60 years of life shortened to his final 60 seconds.

Director & Colorist: Alan Geoy
Producer: Keane Tan
D.O.P: Chew Keng Hao
Art Director: Wong Jin Cheng
Editor: Austin Theng
Gaffers: Ko Swee Kheng x Muhd Fuad
Grips: Charles Looi x Benedict Lim x Soon Kai Hong
Production Assistant: Angie Wang

Music is by: Stefano Mocini - Injustice
Music edited by: Alan Geoy

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