Concept of Artwork
This work represents memories of childhood. A lollipop is one of the world’s most be loved snacks. Although it is common to normal people, a lollipop is not an affordable snack to poor children. This work expresses an imaginary lollipop by a user’s drawing. The candy drawing is printed on a paper having a message on its backside. The message represents memories of childhood. The printer uses fragrance inks to print out an origami with a lollipop shape. The audience carries on art works which have a fragrance and lollipop shape. This is a fake lollipop, however it may represent a hope for everyone.
Publishable Technical Description of Artwork Submitted
This work is made by Processing Language and Flickr API with the Wii remote control. It tracks an infrared light pen for drawing interface. The result of the image will be uploaded to and it will be shared with the world. With Mixing various colors and using different fragrance inks, this work interacts with the audiences.

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