I made this for the national "Dream Job" competition 2013, in association with Budweiser. I was chosen as a finalist and awarded runner up.



All I’ve ever wanted to do is make films; plan, direct, shoot, edit, and repeat! At 25 years old I am certain I want to be a filmmaker. Age doesn’t come into it though; I could have told you the same thing before I even left primary school.

I became obsessed with film from an early age. Picturing a story from every angle, I became lost in each celluloid world.
Once I was old enough to get to grips with the family VCR, I would spend hours hitting stop, rewind, and play– trying to see how the scene was set up and shot.

Every day I work towards becoming a successful film director. Every move I make is calculated to propel me in the right direction. In college I studied media, worked extremely hard and won various short film competitions, the College Medal of Excellence, and earned myself the reputation around campus as “the girl with the camera”. In 2011, I moved to New York City and worked as assistant editor with New York Festivals. The experience opened my eyes to the world of creative advertising.

The daring work being done within TV and online advertising struck me as a new avenue that could help me gain more experience, to network and learn more.

After twelve months in NYC, I returned to Ireland and began work as freelance videographer. Among others, I work with Havas Worldwide Dublin, Global Filmmakers, and am the proud official video blogger for Other Voices, the acclaimed music festival.

Every day I challenge myself to learn more about my chosen craft. Working with clients on new and creatively thrilling projects develops my skills as a videographer and I still make time for my own projects on the side!

I try not to waste a minute, after all each one is a minute I could be getting closer to my dream job. Naturally there are hurdles; funding being the biggest. Yes it can be exasperating but it’s not enough to throw me off track. I truly believe that because I want this dream job so much that I will get there ... eventually. Good things come to those who wait. And work!

I hope my words, and video, have done justice in expressing how much winning this competition would mean to me. Thank you for your consideration.

P.S. Special thanks to Garry Carroll (Nostril Shorts) for the excellent VO, to Tom Dillon-Killen for his Photoshop skills, and to Liz Meacham for all her help. I'll pay you all back when I finally make it! ;)

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