The music is a rush that Ive chosen to dedicate my life to. With music I feel alive, everything else is just waiting for the next song to begin
Im a loner, Im hard working, Im sensitive and intense. Im curious. And open. I pursue my passions. I have lots of self irony and Im not afraid of being the
joke or look stupid, I just wanna have fun. I hate narrow minded people and loves to dance alone. Ive walked through a desert, Ive caressed loneliness. Ive
filled my life with parties and let my door open. Im testing and trying life.
I write music about freeing one self, I speak from the heart and I try to be as open as possible, I want to create togetherness. I write about subjects like incest,
suicide, prostitution, homosexuality, and what it must be like to have a dick. But also simple love songs and poems. I want to bring it all, no censorship. Ill
camouflage it in simple pop melodies and hope that it will reach the masses. I write with humour and irony and with a wish to make a positive difference
with my music and my voice, my life, while Im here.
Im a wild child, a gypsie, a hippie kid, a fashion rebel. Im Pocahontas meets Flashdance. I hope to radiate a hardcore power that peels on the surface with a
pretty exterior.
Ive travelled the world, started early with my parents on a boat. I dropped outta high school to follow my dream. I went to Australia when I was 17 years old
to play music. Ive been hanging out with everything from billionaires and Candance Bushnell (writer of Sex and the City) to homeless Aboriginals, crazy
weird artist types and just regular odd types. I love people and their stories. I interpret the world, what I see in it, and then I write my lyrics. The oldest song
on the album is Little Louie, I wrote it when I was eleven. Its about all the things you can do, if you dare.
My first encounter with music is also my first memory. December 87. My mother has put on Anne Linnets Christmas record and I remember asking her why
am I crying when Im not sad? Music has that effect on me. I can breake down completely or become ecstatic with joy. Its a rush that Ive chosen to dedicate
my life to. With music I feel alive. Everything else is just waiting until the next song to begin.
I have to face the demons that dictate correctness. With music everything inside me changes. It becomes softer and more blurred, and it scares me. But the
songs are my holdepunkt.
The guitar has followed me since I was ten, and weve fought a lot and Ive won many battles. Thats how it feels. Contradicting feelings. Just like in a relation-
- Aura

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