Abortion is illegal in many countries, and due to this a woman dies every 12 minutes as a result of unsafe abortion.
Sexual and Reproductive Health is among the preeminent work themes of Doctors of the World France. One of its axes is access to safe and legal abortion, recognizing a woman's right to decide about her own body.


Idea and direction: Pieter Van Eecke

Concept and production: Objeto Directo

Grafic design: Florencia Lastreto

Fotography: Natalie Mikhaloff and Doctors of the World

Translation: Lindsay Taylor and Martha Silva

Voice: Lindsay Taylor

Camara: Pieter Van Eecke

Animation: Florencia Lastreto

Music (Creative Commons Licence - Attribution - Non Commercial - Share alike)
Gillicudy – Pony
Chris Zabrinski – The Temperature of the Air
Rho – Your Sunrise
Robin Grey – Every Walking Hour Instrumental

Doctors of the World France
General Coordinator Uruguay: Carine Thibaut
Comunication: Mauricio de los Santos

Thanks to: Morgane Aveline, Camila Giugliani, Jean Guerini, Sandrine Simon, Alain Forgeot, Aurore Voet.

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