This is my first blog post as the Founder of SICKY. This video captures everything that we stand for as a brand and company, and as individuals. A few weeks before we launched I sat down with SICKY CREW member, Sean McCarthy, and we came up with a concept of making a lyric-video that communicates our philosophy. I'm a visual guy and I wanted to engage people and showcase our values. No photos. No video. Just words. Just what we stand for. Sean, as creative and talented as he is, edited this video together with me.

For longer than I can remember, photography and event production were what I loved and lived for. About 2 years ago everything started to shift and change. I was searching for a risk -- a new focus. I was no longer fulfilled or passionate about my day-to-day, and this business idea -- SICKY -- was dreamed up out of my experiences as a photographer and producer. It seemed completely impossible, and I was so comfortable and solid in my field, but I knew that it was special and that I had to dive in and go for it. I dropped everything that I had become so familiar with and gave 110% of my energy and focus to this new business. Everything was new to me - I literally had to start at the bottom and climb that ladder. My sunglasses and eyewear industry knowledge was limited and, other than knowing what I liked and what brands I thought made quality products, the eyewear industry was foreign to me. I basically had to immerse myself in a new world, learning an entirely new industry, but the potential in the SICKY Brand and my team made it exciting, not scary.

I've always been a huge fan of sunglasses - I'm constantly looking for the newest, coolest sunglasses, and recently I started to notice a disconnect between my ideals and the brands that I was buying. The quality products didn't stand for anything that I or my friends believed in. I felt like the industry needed some new life and a change - I wanted to be part of that change. I get my inspiration from other artists -- photographers, videographers, musicians, athletes -- and when I started this I knew that there were 2 things I wanted to do for sure: #1- showcase my friends and their talent with the SICKY CREW, which is our way of highlighting all of the incredible, creative people that we are surrounded by. #2 - make the best quality sunglasses that I could.

I'm excited for everyone to be a part of this, and have been absolutely floored by all of the support that I have been getting recently. My team and I have a ton of stuff coming up, and I will be posting consistently. Thank you all, and check out my post next month.


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