"The Audio Video Club is the best thing to happen to them"

Grade 10
Produced by Seth Campbell
Written & Directed by Jay Rathore
Cinematography by Toby Gorman

Having survived a turbulent year, our awkward heros Zac, AJ & Kevin return to brave another perilous small town high school experience. 1990 is year of sweeping change and Grade Ten promises to test the very fabric of the boy's realities.

With the introduction of an audio/video club and Kevin's new car, Grade Ten is shaping up to be a great year. Finally able to escape the limitations of pedestrian travel, the whole world seems to open up for our geeky hero's. Bush parties, girls and drugs are all part of the ride.

As Zac pens a gripping screenplay about an existential Barbarian and ropes AJ and Kevin into helping produce the epic masterpiece, he comes to realize that he too is lost and disconnected from the world. When Doug Earl, Zac's Barbarian protagonist, takes notice of Zac's depression he introduces him to the world of self medication.

A coming of age tale, wrought with humour and heart, Grade Ten charges headlong into the sobering issues of drugs, depression and teen sex.

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