Let's travel the world together. We can see incredible things, meet interesting people, and learn a lot about the world around us... because somewhere out there is just what we're looking for.

Somewhere Out There is a web series exploring culture, curiosity and the human condition. Each episode will drop into a different culture, different surroundings and different experiences around the world. Shot from a journalistic perspective, it’s meant to transport you somewhere new, and into the life of someone else. By watching these films with an open mind to cultures different from your own, I hope they might help people to see the world in ways they never have before, and hopefully give them a deeper understanding of the world and people around you.

Usually filmed alongside photographer and teammate Justin Keena, we combine photo and video to capture these moments in as many ways as possible. Justin is a major world traveler and is often times the driving force behind finding some of the incredible people and places.

These Parts Unknown launches it's first episode October 2013..


Music: Efterklang - "Dreams Today"

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