Canon 600D RAW test by request on the Magic Lantern user forums. Resolutions are in the video, all was shot at 23,980 fps. I used the latest build via bitbucket, "SixThirty". These are the max resolution I could get for at least 240 frames (10 seconds).

I should mention that the first shot is actually 160 frames (7 seconds) because I was about to break my back in the awkward position that I was sitting in so I had to stop recording, but you can actually shoot for 10 seconds at that resolution.

As for workflow.. RAW --> raw2cdng.exe --> Camera RAW --> (Render ungraded) Apply BMD Film LUT --> After Effects: unsharp mask + Hunter's 5DMKIII RAW LUT + FilmConvert.

Canon 600D, Helios 58mm f/2.0, Sandisk Extreme 32GB 45mb/s Class 10.
In ML: Global Draw OFF, Canon 480p video mode, FPS override 23,980, SRAW.

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